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Building Signage & Directory

600 California Street has standard signage criteria for the Lobby Building Directory, Floor Directory, and Suite signage. Tenants should submit all signage requests and/or signage changes in writing to the Management Office. All directories and signage must be in compliance with Building Standards and therefore must be reviewed and approved by the Management Office.

Tenant will be provided with a listing in the Main Lobby Directory. We will also provide an Elevator Lobby Direction sign if applicable.

Any future changes to the directory or direction signage will be at the cost of the tenant.


Nightly Janitorial Service

A contracted, union janitorial service provides the building with nightly cleaning of interior office space and all common areas Monday through Friday. Routine cleaning includes dusting, vacuuming, emptying waste baskets and damp-mopping your office. In addition, all restrooms and common areas are cleaned and stocked each night. Additional cleaning services are provided on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Day Porters

The building has one (1) Day Porter on-site to maintain the common areas during the day. Should a small cleaning problem arise during business hours, please contact the Management Office and we will dispatch the Day Porter to assist you.

Carpet Cleaning

Please contact the Management Office to report any “carpet spots” that require attention. The nightly cleaning crew will treat the area of concern. If you would like your entire carpet shampooed, an additional charge will be determined and submitted for your approval prior to the rendering of the service.

Window Cleaning

Interior window washing is performed on an annual basis and exterior window washing is performed on a semi-annual basis. The Management Office can provide you with current scheduling information upon request. In the event of a weather conflict, window washing will be rescheduled.

Trash Disposal

Never place any object near, against, or on top of trash receptacles if the material is not intended for disposal. The building utilizes an on-site trash compactor. This means that even if we do manage to find the “valuable material” which was accidentally thrown away - you will likely not appreciate its new condition.

Never leave items near the freight elevator to await disposal. This is not only an “eyesore” for other Tenants; they can block access to restroom areas and constitute a fire hazard.

If you will be disposing of “unusual” items that will not fit into a standard trash receptacle, clearly mark the items for disposal and place them in a logical area. The Management Office has bi-lingual “Trash” stickers available free of charge for this purpose.

Your firm can be provided with large trash dumpsters for the occasional “spring cleaning” events. A charge will apply for each dumpster load disposed to reimburse the building for excess disposal frequency expenses. Contact the Management Office for your requests.

Special Cleaning Services

Please contact the Management Office to discuss setting up special cleaning services specifically tailored to your business needs. Special cleaning services will be at the tenant’s expense. The Management Office can provide quotes for special cleaning services that you may require, such as:

Should you experience any problems with the quality of the housekeeping in your offices, please notify the Management Office. We will do our best to correct the situation as quickly as possible.


600 California Street has a total of three (3) passenger elevator banks. The building also has one (1) freight elevator, which accesses all floors of the building.


  • Capacity: 3,000 pounds
  • Entrance: 42” x 96”    
  • Lower point: 8ft
  • High center: 9ft
  • Length: 6ft 7in
  • Width: 4ft 8in


  • Capacity: 4,000 pounds
  • Entrance (front): 42” x 96”    
  • Entrance (rear): 46" x 96"
  • Height: 9 ft
  • Length: 8ft 6in
  • Width: 4ft 7in


  • Capacity: 2,500 pounds
  • Entrance: 42” x 84”    
  • Height: 7ft 6 in
  • Length: 6ft 8in
  • Width: 4ft 8in

All elevators at 600 California Street are maintained with the highest standards and should never be tampered with by anyone other than a certified technician.

Construction workers and vendors should be advised to use the freight elevator when traveling within the building. Contact the Management Office for reservation assistance.


For your convenience, we have included downloadable and printable PDF document forms that will expedite various building management service requests. Hard copies of all forms are available from the Property Management Office as well.


HVAC services are provided Monday through Friday, from 8:00 6:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., excluding holidays. After-hours/extra HVAC service can be made available at the Tenant’s expense by contacting the Management Office at least 48 hours in advance.

Recycling & Composting Program

600 California Street participates in a recycling and compost program through the building’s trash disposal contractor, Recology Golden Gate. The program will limit unnecessary refuse removal to landfill, directly impact and support local businesses and achieve a direct savings to our bottom-line financial performance. We ask everyone to partake by separating the recycle, compostable and reusables waste.

Recycling (BLUE) & Compost (GREEN)

The individual BLUE receptacles usually located underneath or beside an employee’s desk are to be used for all recyclable waste such as paper of all types, books, magazines, newspapers, file folders, cardboard, used pens (if not leaking), aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and any of the other recyclable materials listed on the Recyclable Materials Guide. At the end of the day, the night janitors place these recyclable items in the dry compactor located in the loading dock. When the dry compactor is picked-up, Golden Gate Debris sorts each item. Please keep in mind that once wet trash is thrown with the recycle, the entire trash will be placed in the wet trash compactor and is no longer recyclable.

The compost GREEN receptacles will be located in kitchens or break areas. Please dispose of all compost waste such as all food scraps (anything that used to be alive), soiled paper, yard trimmings (flowers and floral trimmings, etc.), other items labeled “Compostable”, and any of the other compostable materials listed on the Compost Materials Guide.

Below is a review of the recycling, compost and refuse removal program for 600 California Street:

The following are a few ideas that will make this new program more easily adaptable:

Cardboard Box Recycling

Place cardboard boxes for disposal in a regularly serviced trash pick-up area such as a copy room or kitchen and clearly mark the boxes as “TRASH / BASURA”. Our janitorial staff is instructed not to dispose of boxes which are not clearly indicated for removal. The Building Management Office has “TRASH / BASURA” stickers available, however, it is equally acceptable to write a note and tape it to the box, or just write “TRASH / BASURA” on the boxes themselves.

We do not require you to “break down” your cardboard boxes if you only have a few, but we appreciate the effort. Flattening boxes will also help to reduce office clutter. For large disposals of cardboard boxes, a dumpster may be required. Please call the Management Office at 415.391.3471 if you have any questions. Remember the Fire Code states that all aisles and hallways leading to emergency exits must remain clear at all times.

DO NOT place empty boxes for disposal in the freight elevator vestibule. This poses a fire and trip hazard. If you have many boxes and you cannot keep them in your office until the evening pick-up, please call the Management Office for a daytime pick-up. We will be happy to dispatch the DayPorter to help you. Boxes marked as “TRASH / BASURA” will be picked up every evening upon which janitorial service is normally provided.

Please click below to access the Recycling Color Guide Poster.

E-Waste, Equipment, Furniture, Etc.

Options for e-Waste recycling:


We encourage recycling of most business-related materials at the building. However, batteries are not accepted and collected by the Building Management. For your convenience, you may drop them off at the nearby Walgreens stores, who will accept them free of charge. The closest Walgreens is located at 300 Montgomery Street.

Mail Service

The US Postal Service delivers mail Monday through Friday to the building mail room located in the loading dock area. Tenants should contact building management in order to obtain a mailbox and key.

A Federal Express drop-off box is located in the loading dock. There is also a Federal Express/Kinkos office located in the retail space of our building. The address is 585 Kearny Street.

UPS services the building floors directly. There is no drop off box located on the premises.

Tenant Service Requests

Work Orders & Maintenance:

All non-urgent, non-emergency work orders and maintenance requests are currently entered by tenants into Building Engines, our web-based building management system. In order to obtain the website link and a login, please contact the Building Management Office.

Once the work order is entered by the tenant, a “ticket” is generated and the appropriate staff member is notified electronically (i.e., day porter if a janitorial request, engineering if a maintenance request, management office staff for all other requests).

The ticket will be closed once the work has been completed. The tenant may track the status of the request in Building Engines.

The main tenant contact for your company will be set up on the system with a login and password. They will also be provided with a brief tutorial on how to enter and track work orders.

Additional staff may be added to the system by contacting the building management office.

Do not use this system for urgent requests such as overflowing toilets, leaks, smoke, electrical malfunctions, medical emergencies, or any situation that may cause a hazard. Please call the Building Office immediately at 415-391-3471.

Telecommunications & Riser Manager

For all telecommunication needs, tenants must include IMG Technologies to ensure a smooth transition into the building. IMG Technologies serves as 600 California Street’s riser manager and thus helps design, install, and maintain the telecommunications infrastructure of the building.

Please note: Telecommunications providers MUST arrange access to any telecom rooms (risers or MPOE) with our riser management company prior to any work being performed.

Contact IMG Technologies at (630) 737-9800.

Direct TV

600 California Street is equipped with a DirectTV satellite.

Tenants interested in receiving Direct TV should contact: Ken Schon, with Total Media Concepts, at 877.341.2300, ext. 111.