Building Contacts


Security Contacts

600 California Street has 24/7 Security on site, provided by Pro Tech. In addition to security officers, 600 California Street has a full-time Security Supervisor Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The guards are responsible for monitoring the Fire Life Safety Systems, traffic in the lobby, and loading dock. In addition, they routinely patrol the interior and exterior of 600 California. Our security guards enforce building regulations, maintain order, and stay alert for any unusual activity within the building.

Security can be reached during business hours and non-business hours at:


Call: (415) 391-3471


CALL: (415) 583-7667

Building Access

Normal Building Hours

600 California Street is open Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (excluding holidays). During this period, elevator access to tenant floors remains unlocked for convenient access. Outside of normal building hours, elevator access cards are required to gain access to tenant floors.


Please notify the Management Office in advance if anyone will need access to secure areas such as telephone or electrical closets. Prior to accessing any telecom closets, tenants or vendors will need to contact IMG Technologies at (630) 737-9800. A confirmation of work will be emailed to the Management Office before access is granted. IMG Technologies is the only agent authorized to access the telephone closets. Vendors requesting access to other secure locations are to notify the Management Office or Security when on-site. The Engineering Staff will provide access to the secure areas.


Access to 600 California Street is restricted to authorized individuals during the hours of 6:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., Monday through Friday and on weekends.


Outside of normal business hours, access to the passenger elevators is controlled by a security card system. All building occupants will be expected to utilize their elevator access cards for after-hours access to their authorized locations.

Persons wishing to access 600 California Street without an elevator access card during non-business hours must be listed on the after-hours access list. It is within the discretion of each tenant to determine which persons should be allowed access into their suite after normal business hours. Each tenant must provide the Management Office with an updated access list.

Tenants should also carry the appropriate key to their suite. Security will not provide suite access outside of normal business hours.

AFTER HOURS - VENDORS and Contractors

Vendors coming in after-hours or on the weekends are required to check in at the MainLobby Security Console during non-business hours. Additionally, tenants must notify the Management Office by email ( at least 24-hours in advance. When notifying the Management Office please include:

Each vendor will need to have some form of identification to present to the guard on duty. The vendor will also need to provide a valid Certificate of Insurance to the Management Office prior to coming on-site.

*Please note that the guard does not have the authority to let vendors or contractors into tenant spaces. *

AFTER HOURS - Visitors

Visitors who require after-hours access must check in with the security officer on duty at the Security Desk located in the main lobby. If the visitor(s) is accompanied by a tenant of 600 California, the tenant must present his/her valid elevator access card. If an unaccompanied individual requests admittance to the Building, the security attendant on duty will telephone the tenant’s office for approval. Upon confirmation from the tenant, visitors will be allowed access to the elevators.

General Office Security

600 California Street provides Security service 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The security console is located in the Main Lobby. Security Officers are present to assist visitors, monitor access, and prevent solicitors from entering the building. You may telephone the security console or the Management Office at (415) 391-3471 to provide a radio dispatch during office hours.

Contact Security and/or the Management Office if:


The following checklist contains general office security suggestions. The checklist may be used as an aid in establishing whether your internal security procedures are adequate.


If you are considering the installation of an alarm system for your suite, please contact the Management Office. All systems must be fully compatible with 600 California Street systems and designs must be submitted to the Management Office for review and approval prior to any installation. Special arrangements regarding janitorial and emergency access will be required.


Every tenant must provide the Management Office with a written list of persons that should be contacted in the event of an after-hours emergency situation. These people should be listed in the order in which they will be contacted. Always keep your tenant after-hours emergency contact list and after-hours employee access list up to date with the Management Office.

Key & Lock Policy


All keys in the Building are included in a Building Master Key System. This key system is necessary so that the building staff has access to all areas in the event of an emergency. For this reason, we require that tenants do not alter existing locks or affix additional locks on doors within your suite. Tenants are not permitted to purchase duplicate keys from any source other than the Management Office. Duplicate door key, installation of replacement, or additional lock mechanisms and key cylinders are available uponTenant’s written request, through the Management Office or Building Engines.

All keys must be returned to the Management Office upon move-out.


To request security access cards, please contact theManagement Office. A card will be assigned and activated for your specific floor(s). Lost or stolen access cards should be reported immediately to the Management Office.

When an employee is terminated from the tenant’s employment, his/her access card should be collected and deactivated. It is the tenant’s responsibility to collect the keys and cards of all terminated employees in order to maintain the security of the suite. If replacement locks are needed because keys have not been collected from the individual(s) who have left the tenant’s company, the tenant will be charged for this service.

Please note that freight elevator access cards are programmed and controlled by the Management Office. One freight elevator card will be issued for each floor of occupancy.

Lost & Found

Any lost item(s) should be turned in to the Management Office, Suite 510, or the Security Desk in the main lobby. Please contact the Management Office at (415) 391-3471 to claim items that have been lost or found in the building. A full description of the item must be provided in order to claim.


No one likes to be hassled by people seeking donations, passing out handbills, or conducting surveys. Therefore, under no circumstance is 600 California Street’s property (interior and exterior) to be used for the purpose of soliciting business, donations, recruitment, petition signing, etc. This pertains to office tenants and their employees. No handbills may be distributed inside or outside the 600 California Street premises. All violators should be reported to the Management Office immediately.